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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Belkin Debuts Line of Cases for 2nd-Gen iPod Nano, Video


Belkin has officially introduced a eight cases for the 2nd generation iPod nano and video that were released last week. They cover all different types and styles of the cases including acrylic, flip-top hard, neoprene, armband, slider and even a kickstand case. The prices range from $14.99 and up. Hit the jump to see the official list of all of the models with prices.

• Acrylic Case for iPod nano (F8Z116) - $29.99; video (F8Z115) - $29.99
• Flip-Top Hard Case for iPod nano (F8Z124) - $14.99; video (F8Z123) - $19.99
• Neoprene Holster for iPod nano (F8Z124) - $14.99; video (F8Z123) - $19.99
• Canvas Flip Case for iPod nano (F8Z120 and F8Z117) - $19.99
• Canvas Holster Case for iPod nano (F8Z119) - $19.99; video (F8Z118) - $24.99
• Sports Armband for iPod nano (F8Z105) - $24.99; video (F8Z095) - $29.99
• Slider Case for iPod nano (F8Z084) - $29.99
• Kickstand II (F8Z112) - $29.99

Press Release [Belkin]

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ferrari's iPod Dock You Can Take From 0-60 in 3.6 Seconds


The Ferrari 599 Fiorano does 0-60 in 3.6, which is great for Jalopnik fans, but has something else us gadget-heads love—an iPod dock. Yes, this Ferrari is an iPod dock you can drive to work, allowing you to plug in your iPod and listen straight off with the included Fiorano Bose Speakers. If you've got enough for a Fiorano, I'm sure you can spring for an iPod go to inside.

Nevermind The Horsepower: Buy A Ferrari 599, Use Your IPod [Jalopnik]

Mophie Knox 2nd Gen iPod nano Wallet


Finally, a multi-use iPod case. This case, called the Knox, was designed to be a wallet and iPod case! It is constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum and can easily hold your nano along with any wallet essentials like cash and credit cards. It has a small port so the wallet can stay closed but you can still listen to the iPod. The Knox is available for $44.99. I hope it's not too thick—thick wallets always make my ass go to sleep.

Product Page [mophie]

Kensington SX 3000R iPod Speakers and FM Radio Receiver


The Kensington SX 3000R is the sequel to the SX 2000R iPod Speaker Dock, which we featured as a Dealzmodo a few weeks ago. This 3000R has an FM tuner, remote, NXT SurfaceSound speaker technology, dock that fits all iPods, and goes for $169.99. We think it may be kind of cool to set up a cheap iPod dock in each room of your house so you can have music everywhere. An inexpensive alternative to actually rigging up speakers in each room that are centrally controlled.

Product Page [Kensington]

Press Release [Kensington]

Samsung 4-inch DMB T450 TV Looks Like an iPod TV


This won't make it out of Korea, the Samsung DMB-T450 looks quite a lot sexier than the DMB devices we've seen before. It's got a built-in antenna, iPod-like white finish, MP3 playback, USB 1.1 connectivity, SD/MMC expansion slot and 4-hour battery. Boy those South Koreans sure know how to keep themselves entertained on the road—when they're not avoiding being kidnapped by North Koreans and forced to make movies.

Slim 4-inch DMB TV [AVING via Mobile Mag]

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

French iPod Cases May Be Too Cute For Humanity


These French cases for your iPod may look like Domokun, but they're definitely French in origin. The felt cases are handmade, and retail for $40 to $50, but who can put a price on cuteness? Apparently these two French sisters.

Also in the same vein, a case for your MacBook that includes track pad, keyboard, and iSight cutouts. To get one, you have to email the sisters directly since they don't have a website.


Apple Expo Paris: Possibly the Cutest iPod Covers Ever [Gearlog via SCI FI Blog]

Dealzmodo Supplemental: Buy a $24 iPod Car Charger, Get 50 Free iTunes Songs


Whoa! The 20 free songs you got for buying a smartCharge from SendStation just got upped to 50 free iTunes songs. If you were going to buy 24 songs via iTunes already, why not get one of these and get 26 free songs, along with a free charger? Do you not like free stuff?

SmartCharge [Sendstation]

Sunday, September 17, 2006

80GB Enhanced 5G iPod Unboxeed, Compared With Regular 5G


The gang over at iLounge already got their hands on an 80GB enhanced 5G iPod and have the pics and comparison shots to prove it. (Apparently, full-size iPods that Apple announced on Tuesday are referred to as "enhanced," though the new, brighter screen has supposedly been shipping with regular 5G iPods for a little while now.) While unboxing is all fun and good, how does this enhanced iPod perform?

As for the screen's brightness, well, technically, it is brighter, just don't expect to have it leave your jaw on the floor, especially while viewing indoors. The new earbuds that Apple is including with these iPods now has silicone rubber edges, so they're no longer as torturous to wear. What's more, there more bass heavy, pleasing today's popular music fans, what with their hip hop and heavy metal.

It's worth noting that the side-by-side comparison shots do show how much better the enhanced 5G iPod handles colors when compared to the older 5G. Full reviews are forthcoming, so strap in.

Apple Computer iPod with video (Enhanced Fifth-Generation) [iLounge]

Apple iPod Nano Users Complaining About New iPod Nanos Already


It hasn't even been a week and people who bought the new iPod Nanos are complaining about blemishes on the finish. Blemishes? C'mon. First it was scratches on the first-gen Nanos, now blemishes on the second-gen? Some people are even saying dust is getting into the finish, which makes it an uneven color. Are Apple users just too picky, or is this a real issue?

Blemish Gallery [Flickr via Mobile Mag]

Friday, September 15, 2006

iPod nano Reviewed by PC Mag (Verdict: Long Live the nano!)


PC Magazine reviewed the next-gen 8GB iPod nano, and gave it the Editors Choice designation, 4.5 stars out of 5. Reviewer Mike Kobrin really liked its longer battery life, brighter screen, search feature, and was especially fond of its new gapless playback:

This is the finest flash player out there in terms of look and feel. Other players have the iPod beat in terms of features, but I like the iPod's lossless compression and Audible support, as well as the cool new search feature.
On the slightly negative side, Kobrin found a bug in the nano's firmware when scrubbing through longer tracks. He also pointed out the lack of FM radio capability. Those shortcomings notwithstanding, he found the iPod navigation system to be "the best in the business," adding that he thinks "it's a good bet that this will be Apple's most popular iPod yet, and with good reason."

Apple iPod nano (8GB) [PC Magazine]

The 8GB Nano Unboxed


Eager shoppers have already ran out and bought the 2G iPod Nano and took pictures of the unpacking ceremony. The new packaging sure looks nice, and from our firsthand experience, the Nano is still as tiny as ever.

We prefer the old Nano design, but we wouldn't say no if someone gave us one for free.

8GB iPod Nano [Flickr]

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gizmodo: New iPod Nano at Apple's Showtime Event

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Best iPod Accessory Ever: Combination Breathalyzer, FM Transmitter

ibreath.jpgI've been writing about iPod accessories since the beginning of time, and this is no doubt the best one I've ever seen. Call me an alcoholic, but having a breathalyzer is pretty damn important. A breathalyzer is the perfect device to determine how ugly of a girl you can take home that night and still be considered okay—oh and it can determine the legal limit for driving, too.

This gadget attaches to the dock adapter on all newer iPods. Simply blow on the straw for five seconds to determine you blood alcohol content. Also included in this device is an FM transmitter! Therefore giving it a reason to be attached to an iPod. The iBreath is available for $80 from David Steele, whoever that is.

Product Page [Via SCI-FI]

Apple Showtime's After Party: New Shuffle Photos


Apple's new Shuffle looks nothing like the Shuffle of old. Nah, it looks more like a Star Trek Communicator, especially with that clip on the back. At Apple's after event party, we took some time to check out the 1GB player, with its new earbuds. Not a bad buy for $79 bucks.

Jump for more sexy photos.

All Apple Showtime Posts [Gizmodo]
Apple iPod Shuffle [Apple]



From Apple's page:





Apple Showtime's After Party: Photos of the iPod Playing Games


We bet at even odds that there would be a new widescreen Video iPod. But we were burned. Again. Sigh...

Instead, we get an update to the Generation 5 iPod that has a few new tricks like a brighter screen, an extended battery life, better song search, and decent, Xbox Live Arcade styled games that you can buy from the new iTunes store for 5 bucks. Call it generation 5.1. And btw, the awesome news is that the current generation of ipods can handle the gaming goods.

So here are the photos we collected today, along with some screenshots we took at the main event. This, and everything else we know about the iPod Showtime updates, after the jump.

All Apple Showtime Posts [Gizmodo]

From our original post, here.

The iPod Video is now 60% brighter and up to 4.5 hours of battery life up from 2.0 hours.

Gapless playback is now in for all iPods. Instant searching so you can input letters with the wheel. And a letter display as you're scrolling past the songs/artists.

Games. All designed for the wheel. Bejeweled, Cubis, Bahjong, Mini Golf, Pac man, Tetris, Texas Hold'em, Vortex, Zuma. Showing off the bejeweld gameplay now. These games will work on all 5G iPods. You can buy them off the iPod store. $4.99 each.

60% brighter display, 75% longer battery life, gapless playback, games, new headphones.

Lowered price to $249 for the 30GB version and a new 80GB. Both white and black. $349 for the 80GB.












Apple Showtime's After Party: iPod Nano Porn, Plus Video

After the main event, we were ushered to a back room where the new stuff was on display. We got to play with the pretty little second gen iPod Nano, and even got her to pose for some glamour shots.

Before you jump for the goods, we'll say this. Jason Chen and I prefer the older style's rounded edges, that make it look like a shrunken full-sized iPod. This one is somewhat of an iPod Nano and iPod Mini hybrid, with the sharp edges on the top and bottom of the aluminum case. The colors are stupendous. But we still miss the bling'd out Gold Mini. (Bring it back, Apple!)

Now, jump to see the images, and the video.

All Apple Showtime Posts [Gizmodo]
The New Apple iPod Nano [Gizmodo]

From today's earlier post on the new ipod Nano:

Battery life increased from 15 to 24 hours, gapless playback, instant search like the big iPod, and quick scrolling. Comes with the new headphones.

Comes in three models, 2GB model in silver, 4GB in silver, pink, green, blue, and 8GB in black.

$149 for 2GB, $199 for 4GB, $249 for 8GB model. Double the storage for the same price.

New packaging is 52% less volume than the old iPod nano. It's more "environmentally friendly".

All three are available today.











Saturday, September 09, 2006

BluePod: Caller ID on Your iPod Screen, Not Much Else


Zenocom rolled out BluePod, a dongle that fits the iPod dock connector and suddenly gives you a couple of things every iPod is lacking: Bluetooth capability and FM radio. But don't get too excited just yet. The device stops short of greatness, because all it can do is display a Bluetooth-compatible cellphone's caller ID information on the iPod screen and lower the iPod's volume automatically when a call comes in.

Too bad it can't stream music to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. We're a little suspicious when we look at this picture of the product attached to an ancient iPod mini. No word on pricing or availability, but this better be cheap.

iPod's friend, 'BluePod'? []

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ATO iPod Video Recorder: iSee 360i


Looks like ATO has made the first iPod Video Recorder to cater to the new iPod video: The iSee 360i. You can now store shows from DVD, PVR, television, or any other source on your iPod for later viewing. It's even got a 3.6-inch LCD screen with controls for watching movies or shows on older iPods. Like most third-party products, though, it has flaws. It won't work with a 60GB iPod 5G nor with anything below 4G. iPod mini is supported as well as the nano with an adaptor. The iSee 360i also features a rechargable battery to extend viewing times. It's not available yet.

iPod Video Recorder Debuts [MacNN]

Best pricing on iPod Video []

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

iPod Car Charger

If you're looking to buy a car charger or PocketDock adapter for your iPod, grab one at SendStation for $24.95 ($22.95 for PocketDock Adapter) and get 20 free iTunes songs. If you were going to spend $20 on iTunes anyway, you're getting a pretty good deal on the charger. If you don't use iTunes, then this deal isn't really for you. – Jason Chen

Product Page [SendStation]

Press Release

iPod Commercial