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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Touchscreen iPod in December, Zune Slam-Dunked?


An "extremely well-informed exec" tells Trusted Reviews that the 6G iPod will be released in December, and it will be capable of 480p resolution. The source confirmed that it will be a touchscreen model with virtual click wheel control, but made no mention of whether wireless connectivity would be part of the package. Added the source, "This is why Jobs isn't afraid of the Zune."

We've seen the iPod touchscreen patent documentation, and we've entertained countless rumors and even reliable tips about the upcoming device; what we need to see now is a real picture of it. One thing's for sure, if this widescreen iPod is released in the next two months, the Microsoft Zune with its old-fashioned 4x3 screen and crippled WiFi will be slam-dunked.

Touchscreen iPod Comes This December [Trusted Reviews]

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

mi Lites: iPod Case with Lighting


If those white earbuds aren't doing their job to get your iPod stolen, you might consider the mi Lite. It's half protective case, half party in my pocket, and fully obnoxious to fellow commuters on the subway.

mi Lites are activated by a touch sensor on the case and provide their own "replaceable" power supply (we are guessing watch battery). The site claims future availability for all iPods but the mini and shuffle. We'll need to see mi Lites in person before any final judgments, but most of the designs on their page are ugly as sin - like sticking your iPod in a glowing pile of poo. But the model pictured here isn't bad for $19.98.

Product Page [via popgadget]

Monday, October 16, 2006

iPod Nano From Hell?


This from reader/Satan-worshipper David:

"Hey guys, I'm a worker at Staples-Business Depot in Canada , and we just started carying iPods. Funny little thing, in our inventory program, for every iPod the SKU starts with 666! For exapme the ipod Nano is 666 268. Coincidence? I think not. iPods must be from from hell."

Hmm. Did Jobs sign a deal with the Devil? Is this the real reason for the new red iPod Nano that was just launched? We can appreciate David's half-assed Photoshopping, but the Devil will not be happy that he didn't take the time to cut out the pentagram/draw it in blood.

Thanks David!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Belkin Tunestage II Bluetooth iPod Adapter, Receiver


Belkin has officially announced the release of their TuneStage II Bluetooth iPod adapter and receiver. The receiver will hook up to your home entertainment system and the adapter will simply plug into the dock connector of almost all iPods. It will then stream music up to 33 feet away via Bluetooth v2.0. All controls can be done via the iPod itself, including volume, so the TuneStage II essentially turns the iPod into a damn expensive remote control.

The Bluetooth adapter attached to the iPod can also wirelessly connect to headphones, car stereos and other Bluetooth devices. The TuneStage II will be available in November for $150.

Press Release [Belkin]

Bono and Oprah to Launch Red iPod Nano Tomorrow


The two giant stars plan to unveil a 4GB red iPod Nano in order to benefit the Product RED charity. From each sale of the $199 iPod, $10 will be donated towards The Global Fund to help out HIV/AIDS sufferers in Africa. Rumors of a red iPod have been around since January of this year, but we're certain that Oprah used her cosmic powers to get this deal done.

We also heard the red iPod nano is making an appearance at the 5th Ave. Apple Store. If any readers wander down there, email us some photos of the iPod and we'll hit you up with a personalized email with your name in it and a "thank you". If we're feeling generous, we'll even attach our signature.

Oh and by the way, the reason Gizmodo was red yesterday wasn't because we were helping The Global Fund. We just sold out to Radio Shack for a day. Go us!

Oprah and Bono to unveil Product Red iPod nano tomorrow [Apple Insider]

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gear4 BluEye: Make and Take Calls from Your iPod, FM Radio, Too


Sick and tired of waiting for the iPhone? BluEye lets you make and take calls from your iPod. It also gives you a remote control with a microphone inside, Bluetooth connectivity between iPod and cellphone, and stops that iPod music when a phone call comes in, showing you the caller ID info on the iPod screen. There's also a clip to hold that remote and mic right where you need it.

For this product, Gear4 teamed up with Mavizen, a company that already thought of this idea, and now Gear4 adds FM radio to the mix, plus the BluEye draws power from the iPod itself instead of its own rechargeable battery. This latest iteration will be available in black or white in the UK first for £49.99 ($94).

Hey wait a minute: doesn't this baby include all of the features the iPod is missing? If it didn't require the extra paraphernalia, this would be an elegant augmentation for the iPod's shortcomings.

Product Page [Gear4]

Monday, October 09, 2006

iPod Screensaver Hack


For anyone with a 5G iPod, here is how you can make any video your iPod screensaver while it's charging, compliments of Francis Real:

1. Create a file named "Demo Mode" on your iPod.
2. In iTunes, rename any video file as "demo".
3. Sync.
4. Put on the charger.

Sounds like a neat, non-warranty-voiding hack. Now if only I could decide between hot women in bikinis and my favorite episode of Alf - you know, the one where he kidnaps the lion and tries to eat it.

How to Enable iPod Screensaver Thanks Francis!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Brando iSing: i Like


The Brando iSing is yet another 5G iPod dock/speaker unit, but I like it nonetheless. It connects to your computer via USB, or can be loaded with AAs and taken on the road when wall power isn't available. It also comes in 3 colors that we assume match the new Nanos perfectly (though no photos have color iPods next to the iSings on their site, so buyer beware). The catch: at $25 the iSing can't sound that great, but at the low pricepoint we're also more likely to buy it.

Product Page [via I4U]

Tuvoli iYiYi iPod Dock Successor Still Called iYiYi


This tip about the future Tuvoli iPod dock/speaker set looks exactly like the old one, except we think this one's black. Is the black version what's new? We don't know, since there's no extra information besides the fact that it will retail for $299.99. Oh, and there's a remote this time. Tuvoli makes some good-sounding audio products, so this looks good if you're willing to spring $299 for an iPod dock.

But since this is version 2, couldn't they throw a few more Yi's in there?