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Thursday, November 02, 2006

2007 iPod Buyers' Guide Ready for Download


The guys over at iLounge must be cruising around in their Deloreans a bit too much because they just released their 2007 iPod Buyers' Guide. Quick, someone shoot them an e-mail because it is still 2006. Joking aside, if you ever wanted to know something about the iPod—this is the place to go. The guide is 180 pages of pure iPod. Everything from the actual players, to accessories, history, reviews, contests, backstage and more. It is definitely worth checking out for any current or future iPod owners. Oh, and it's free! Hooray free!

2007 iPod Buyers' Guide [iLounge]

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Etymotic Ety8 Wireless iPod Earphones


We've been waiting for wireless earphones for the iPod for a while, but these Ety8 earphones from Etymotic unfortunately look a bit silly. These earphones are wireless in that they don't need to be connected to your iPod, but they do have a cable running between the two that wraps around your head/neck. That's great, but how do they wear? Well, not so great.

If you thought people wearing Bluetooth headsets looked weird, imagine what someone wearing two of them—one in each ear—would look like. Also, they're shaped like a rectangle. Yeah, not too cool. Plus they cost $299 with an iPod connector and $199 without. ¡Gracias, pero no gracias!

Etymotic to unveil Ety8 wireless earphones [iLounge]